Guns, drugs & krazy

Yea, it started like any other night me and Keith met over at the bar, we were having fun joking and singing to Bobby Darin’s “beyond the sea”. We went into the bathroom to snort a couple of lines, but we wind up snorting the whole gram. Wow, we were fueled up! I said I was going to go back to my house to grab a couple more grams, to sell. So I went home got 3 grams and put them in my sock, I went back to the bar and started drinking again with Keith. As were talking he said something about some guy Snyder dealing up at the college parking lot, which pissed me off. I thought that I needed another hit of blow, so we went back into the bathroom and did not come out for about 30 minutes, people pounding on the door, yelling get the “—-“ out of the bathroom! Were in there laughing wasted after doing another gram. I told Keith lets go up to the college, we jumped into the car and drove up there. Now, in my mind, “what little of it that was left”. I was seeing red, all I could think of was I felt like killing someone! How you may ask? I acquired a stolen police pistol from a friend at work over in crooklyn, and that is the gun I had on me that night. We got up to the lot and started to hang out with people we knew there was always 75 or 100 people hanging out up there, then Keith said there’s Snyder, I bugged! I walked over to him, took out the 38, put it to his head, and said, “I think I am going to kill you tonight!” I could see the fear in his eyes, the kind of fear like when you know its the end. I pulled the hammer back, and then Keith comes from behind and grabs my hand. Bobby, man, what the hell are you doing? Come on; let’s get the hell out of here! I don’t know why. All I know is that looking back I am glad Keith was there. I would have killed that poor kid who did nothing to me. I would be in jail for the rest of my life. There was no doubt that, that night I would have pulled the trigger! About 2 hours later I was up at the Roadhouse bar on clove road drinking with some friends, I went to the pay phone to call my dad, as I am talking to him I am looking into the chrome part of the phone, and all I see is cops with guns out. I hear a voice, “don’t move, put the phone down and put your hands on your head,” I feel the cold cuffs go on one wrist, as the cop turns me around all I see is a bar full of cops with all their guns pointing at me. The cuff goes on the other wrist, and as he pats me down he feels the gun in my belt under my jacket. In the car I go for the ride down to the 120th precinct, their asking me “where did you get this gun?” I told them that, “the Easter bunny gave it to me in an Easter egg”. So they get me down to the cells take the cuffs off and tell me “this is your home for the night.” Now I had all ready been up stairs, called my dad, who within seconds is on the phone with his lawyer. Here I am sitting in this cell my mind racing, when I have this moment of sanity, they found the gun! But, they did not find the other 2 grams of coke in my sock! But they will! Unless? I took them out of my sock I put one under the bunk, the other I snort. In jail snorting coke! A couple of hours later a cop comes down and said your lawyer is up stairs you can go see him. But after that they are taking you over to central booking in Brooklyn. On the way into central booking i get these two cops who happen to be very nice. they start telling me about what i can expect when i get there. I thought that was pretty cool. So i get there,go through the system and get put into this big holding cell with about 20 other guys. I sit down, trying to mind my own business, still a little buzzed from the coke, this jackass comes over to me and said, “nice jacket” now i was wearing a nice Hugo Boss sport jacket. so he says to me, “take it off and give it to me!” i knew that this was not going to end well for my jacket, but i was not going to let anyone touch me! As he stood in front of me waiting for me to give him the jacket i just looked up with a mousey look, ( to take him off guard) and hit him as hard as i possibly could right in the nuts! he hit the floor so fast i was amazed, now with everyone else looking at us i just got on his chest and hit him 5 quick shots in the nose to draw all the blood i could! the more mess the better. I then just took my seat and we watched him lay there for the next hour. I guess that settled the ownership issues of the “Hugo Boss” sport coat. There were no other problems for the next couple of hours, the cop comes in says “corrente your out” i go downstairs and there is my dad’s lawyer waiting for me, was i glad to see him. We get in to his car, and he tells his driver where to go,then we start talking. He had already got a copy of the 911 call that came in telling police where i am, what i am wearing, and where the gun is on my person. he plays the tape for me, i hear the voice, “snyder” i can’t believe he rat on me! even though when they asked his name he refused to give it, he said, “he’s crazy i don’t want him to kill me!” but i knew his voice and my first words were “i will kill him”, my lawyer said, “let it go,they know who it was that called them, you will spend the rest of your life in prison if you do this!” I still have that 911 tape till this day!

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