My Poem

No Matter What

Have you ever thought about- God’s love?
I have. For it knows no boundaries.
It has no conditions, because He came to us.
Then I thought, as I started to look at myself.
How can he love me- no matter what…?
Then I knew he heard me asking,
and this is what He said.
It’s not who you are or who your not.
It’s not what you do, but what I do through you.
It’s not a look or style or way.
It’s just that I love you every day.

As for those tattoos they’re only temporary;
and that arm, will be better than new!
To all those people who ask how can you…?
You reply, I can’t but He sure can.
As you think about your past,
go back a little more, and think about this:
My servant said it well,there’s nothing new under the sun.
So don’t be afraid to tell me, cause it’s already been done.

As I listened it came to me,
does He remember what I did?
Remember? He laughed…
It’s all a blank page to me.
But then He said, remember this,
it’s all under the blood, the day you came to Me,
is the day I set you free.
And as I cried, He said to me,
no matter where you go,
No matter what you do,
I’ll always be there for you.
So with His gentle hands of love,
He embraced me ever so tightly,
and as He held me close to Him,
He whispered in my ear,
My son- I’ll always love you so.

By Bobby Corrente

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